Beginner: Are you completely new to Spanish? Our Beginner courses are the perfect place to start learning Spanish!

Intermediate: Have you taken Spanish previously, but still find it difficult to understand and communicate? Our Intermediate courses will help solidify what you already know, and launch you into the next levels of expression.

Advanced: Are you pretty advanced in your Spanish skills, but still want to perfect your ability to communicate? Our Advanced classes will help you become not only a proficient communicator, but will help you truly master the Spanish language.

We offer two types of course throughout the year: General Courses and Extracurricular Courses.

General Courses:
Our general courses are the perfect place to start improving your Spanish. Offered in six week sessions, these classes follow a systematic approach to language acquisition that will enable you to see noticeable improvement in your language skills throughout the duration of the course.

Our general courses are offered in many levels. To see which level is right for you, please take our Placement Test. To find out when our next session is starting, please see our Calendar. For more info Contact Us!

Extracurricular courses:
We also offer a variety of extra curricular courses. These courses vary in duration, and each has a specialized theme. Please see the calendar page, regarding our upcoming extracurricular courses.

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