Who We Are:

Charity Osorio (one of the two founders and the Program Director) moved to Ecuador in 2011, with her husband, a handsome Ecuadorian. As was well in their new adventure, except for one small detail... Charity didn't speak more than a few words of Spanish. Being a passionate communicator, this was an obvious obstacle she knew she'd have to overcome. She set out to study Spanish in the traditional schools of Cuenca and found herself very, very bored. After several months of verb tenses, frustration, intense under-stimulation and research on the best ways to learn languages, Charity came across the method Comprehensible Input. Convinced this was a more logical approach to language acquisition, she was determined to find a way to study Spanish in this method. Unfortunately it wasn't being offered anywhere in Ecuador.

A little More About the Method:

So, what is this ''method'' we keep talking about? At Coffee Club Spanish we use a proven method of language acquisition that works with the brain's natural ability to ''acquire'' a language, much like a child learns his first language. With this program, we go beyond memorization of vocabulary and grammatical rules, and instead we place an emphasis on assimilating Spanish in the right side of the brain, where we produce speech.

We do this through incorporating vocabulary and correct usage in the context of interactive, comprehensible stories and activities. Through hearing and interacting with the language in a comprehensible context, your brain will naturally begin to detect and recognize correct Spanish usage, allowing you to begin to speak fluidly with less effort and stress.

Coffee Club Spanish

Casa Asvoria (2nd Floor). Plaza Otorongo - Av. 3 de Noviembre y Coronel Talbot
Cuenca - Ecuador