• Do you want to navigate

    and explore new and exciting cultures,

    but feel restricted by your ability

    to communicate?

  • Have you ever wished

    you could communicate in Spanish

    more naturally, instead of just understanding

    grammatical rules?

  • Does learning

    a second language

    seem like an impossible goal?

  • Are you ready

    to connect to the heart

    and culture of Ecuador?

Welcome to Coffee Club Spanish!

At Coffee Club Spanish, we make the goal of learning Spanish enjoyable and attainable… even to the most hesitant learners. With our specialized approach, we help you tap into your natural ability to acquire a language, and we focus on giving you useful language skills that will truly enable you to understand and communicate. And, as always, we believe that learning should be a pleasant experience…. Hence the coffee! :)

Coffee Club Spanish

Casa Asvoria (2nd Floor). Plaza Otorongo - Av. 3 de Noviembre y Coronel Talbot
Cuenca - Ecuador